Fire Rune
Fire rune
Release Date August 28th, 2014
Members? No
Quest Item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Lendable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? Yes
Low Alch Price 5
High Alch Price 10
Store Price 11
Grand Exchange Price 51
Destroy Drop
Examine Fire Rune
Weight 0kg
Fire rune detail
The Fire Rune is one of the four basic or elemental runes. Fire runes are created through Runecrafting, as drops from killing monsters, from trading with players, and from certain shops.

If you have level 14 Runecrafting, a Fire Talisman or Fire Tiara, and Rune Essence or Pure Essence you can create Fire Runes at the Fire Altar in Al-Kharid.


Fire runes are used in a large number of spells, as listed below. Spells are listed by spell book then by level.

When casting a spell requiring fire runes, the fire rune requirement may be eliminated by wielding a staff that gives infinite fire runes, such as a Staff of Fire, Fire Battlestaff, Lava Battlestaff, Mystic Fire Staff, Mystic Steam Staff or Mystic Lava Staff.

15,000 fire runes, along with 3,000 Polypore Spores, are also required to charge the built-in spell of a Polypore Staff for 3,000 casts.

Store locationsEdit

Players may purchase Fire Runes for 17 coins each from:

Dropping MonsterEdit

Monster Combat Level Quantity
Fire Giant 86 94-297


  • Jack used a fire and an air rune to make fire in the First Age.
  • Fire runes are the only elemental runes to not have their own Runecrafting Gloves.

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