Slayer Helmet
Slayer helmetSlayer helmet (e)Slayer helmet (charged)
Release Date August 28th, 2014
Members? No
Quest Item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Low Alch Price 195 coins
High Alch Price 390 coins
Store Price 454 coins
Grand Exchange Price 1,950 coins
Destroy Drop
Examine Slayer Helmet
Slayer helmet chathead
Slayer helm (e) chathead

The Slayer Helmet is a helmet that combines several pieces of slayer gear in order to create a more versatile helmet. You can learn the secrets of creating it after unlocking it for 400 slayer points. The helmet requires 35 Slayer to equip as well as 55 Crafting to create it. While worn the Slayer Helmet will provide the special effects of all the items required to create it. Masked Earmuffs will not work when crafting the Slayer Helmet they must first be disassembled.

Slayer Helmet Grand Exchange Cost
Item Grand Exchange Price
Spiny helmet Spiny Helmet Coins 250 1,950
Earmuffs Earmuffs Coins 250 600
Nose peg Nose Peg Coins 250 600
Face mask Face Mask Coins 250 600
Black mask Black Mask Coins 250 9,000
Total Price Coins 250 12,750

Slayer Helmet's Combat Stats
Skill Requirements Degrades Slayer helmet equipped
35 Slayer-icon 55 Crafting-icon No
Class Slot
Attack Melee Head
Attack Bonuses
Stab weakness icon Stab +0
Slash weakness icon Slash +0
Crush weakness icon Crush +0
Magic weakness icon Magic +0
Ranged weakness icon Range +0
Defence Bonuses
Stab weakness icon Stab +30
Slash weakness icon Slash +32
Crush weakness icon Crush +27
Magic weakness icon Magic +0
Ranged weakness icon Range +30
Summoning-icon Summoning +7
Melee weakness icon Absorb Melee +0%
Magic weakness icon Absorb Magic +0%
Ranged weakness icon Absorb Ranged +0%
Other Bonuses
Strength-icon Strength +0
Ranged-icon Ranged Strength +0
Prayer-icon Prayer +0
Magic-icon Magic Damage +0%

Assembling the HelmetEdit

Slayer helmet detail
Task Length Default Points Bonus Points Fewest Tasks Needed
Short 10 36
Long 45 9

After unlocking the ability to make the helmet, a message appears in the chat window stating: The secret is yours. You can now combine a black mask, face mask, spiny helm, nosepeg and earmuffs into one useful item.

The items used to make the slayer helmet are:

  • An uncharged or charged Black Mask, which gives a 12.5% Melee damage boost and 12.5% Melee accuracy bonus against the player's current slayer assignment.
  • A pair of Earmuffs, which deafens the screams of banshees.
  • A Face Mask, which allows the player to breathe in smoky dungeons.
  • A Nose Peg, which blocks the aberrant spectres' stench.
  • A Spiny Helmet, which protects the player from wall beasts when traversing the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

All of the aforementioned items are required to craft the helmet, as well as a Crafting level of 55. The helmet keeps all the effects of the used items, but includes better stats making it one of the most optimal slayer helmets available. To create the helmet simply use one of the items on another one of the items with all the items in your inventory.

Once the Slayer Helmet has been constructed you can then continue to create the Full Slayer Helmet which requires a Slayer Helmet, Hexcrest, and a Focus Sight. These items are dropped by the Jungle Strykewyrm (73 Slayer) and the Desert Strykewyrm (77 Slayer) respectively. Similarly to the Black Mask, these two items improve magic and range by 12.5% during slayer tasks.